Commercial support policy

Standard Requirements for CPE Activities

DCPE is responsible for evaluating and regulating the content, quality and scientific integrity of all CPE activities designated for the credit activities. Similarly, evaluation may be designed and measured by the DCPE. It should assure that the activities to be free of commercial bias for or against any product.

Standard 1. Independence of DCPE

The design and production of educational activities shall be the ultimate responsibility of the activity director. DCPE should ensure that the activities are made free of the control of a commercial interest. Commercial supporters of such activities shall not control the planning, content or execution of the activity. To assure compliance with this standard, the following requirements should be adhered to:

1.1 Assistance with Preparation of Educational Materials

The content of slides and reference materials should remain the ultimate responsibility of the activity director/faculty approved by the DCPE. A commercial supporter may be asked to help with the preparation of conference related educational materials, but these materials shall not, by their content or format, advance the specific proprietary business interests of the commercial supporter.

1.2 Assistance with Educational Planning

DCPE may obtain information that will assist in planning and producing an educational activity from any outside source whether commercial or not. However, acceptance by DCPE of advice or services concerning speakers, invitees or other educational matter, including content, shall not be among the conditions of contributing funds or services by a commercial organization.

1.3 Marketing CPE Activities

Only the DCPE may authorize a commercial supporter to disseminate information about a CPE activity to thecommunity. However, the content of such information is the responsibility of the DCPE.

Standard 2. Enduring Materials

2.1 DCPE is responsible to examine for the quality, content, and use of enduring materials for purposes of CPE activity.

2.2 The name of the Department of Continuing Professional education heading, along with the name of the department(s) organizing may appear on all the CPE promotional materials.

Standard 3. Content and Format of the Presentation without Commercial Bias

3.1 Generic and Trade Names

DCPE should ensure that presentations give a balanced view of therapeutic options. Use of generic names will contribute to this impartiality.

Standard 4. Commercial Promotion

4.1 Commercial exhibits should not influence planning or interfere with the CME activities nor can they be a condition of the provision of commercial support.

4.2 No commercial promotional materials shall be displayed or distributed in the same room immediately before, during, or immediately after an educational activity.

4.3 Representatives of commercial supporters may attend an educational activity, but may not engage in sales activities while in the room where the activity takes place.

4.4 Educational materials that are part of a CPE activity, such as slides, abstracts and handouts, cannot contain any commercial advertising, trade name or a product-group message.

Standard 5. Management of Funds from Commercial Sources

5.1 Independence of DCPE in the Use of Contributed Funds

The ultimate decision regarding fund disposition and disbursement should be the sole responsibility of the DCPE. Funds from a commercial source should be in the form of an educational grant made payable to the DCPE, Ziauddin University for the support of CPE activity. The terms, conditions and purposes of such grants must be documented by a signed agreement between the commercial supporter and the DCPE. All support associated with a CPE activity, whether in the form of an educational grant or not, should be given with the full knowledge and approval of the DCPE. No other funds from a commercial source shall be paid directly to the director of the activity, faculty, or others involved with the supported activity.

5.2 Payments to Faculty of the CPE

International and domestic facilitators (i.e. outside ZU), listed on the agenda as facilitating or conducting a session in the approved CPE, the DCPE may pay reasonable honoraria for their role of facilitation, as per the ZU policy. The DCPE may use commercial support to pay for travel, lodging, or personal expenses for the faculty of CPE.

5.3 Expenses of Non-Faculty Attendees

DCPE may not use funds originating from a commercial source to pay travel, lodging, registration fees, honoraria, or personal expenses for non-faculty attendees, except DCPE employees. Subsidies for hospitality should not be provided outside of modest meals that are held as part of the activity.

5.4 Acknowledgment of Commercial Support

Commercial support may be acknowledged in printed announcements and brochures; however, reference should not be made to specific contribution.

Standard 6. Disclosure of Faculty and Sponsor Relationships

6.1 Disclosure of financial relationships

DCPE requires disclosure of any significant financial interest or other relationship a faculty member has with the manufacturer(s) of any commercial product(s). All approved CPE activities shall conform to this policy. DCPE should assure to collect and file written disclosure statement from the facilitator before the activity. An individual should disclose to learners any relevant financial relationship(s), to include the following information:

  • The name of the individual;
  • The name of the commercial interest(s);
  • The nature of the relationship the person has with each commercial interest.
6.2 Disclosure in activity materials

CPE faculty relationships with commercial supporters shall be disclosed to participants prior to educational activities in brief statements in conference materials such as brochures, syllabi, exhibits, poster sessions, and also in post-meeting publications. ‘Disclosure’ should never include the use of a trade name or a product-group message.