Joint Sponsorship Policy

Jointly sponsored activities are those sponsored with a non-accredited organization, society or institution. As with any continuing Professional education activity, Ziauddin University,holds the activities it jointly sponsors to the same standards relating to the direct sponsorship by . The following conditions must be met in a joint sponsorship with ZU:

  • The proposed activity must be consistent with ZUDepartment of Continuing Professional Education (DCPE) mission statement.
  • A member of the ZU faculty must serve as one of the course directors of the activity, and the course director’s department chairperson must authorize the activity.
  • Ziauddin University must be involved in the planning and development of any jointly sponsored activity it designates for credit. A representative of DCPE must review and approve the needs assessment process, the learning objectives, design of the educational activity, and evaluation methodology.
  • Jointly sponsored activities must comply with the ZUPolicies. Any commercial funds solicited on behalf of the activity must bereceived by ZU DCPE or must be authorized in writing to bedelivered to the joint sponsor who shall provide full budgets and updates to

DCPE. The sponsor may solicit commercial funds with thedirection of DCPE, but may not make any representations or commitments tofunding sources as to content, choice of speakers, or anything else not allowed bythe Policies of the ZU. All commercial supporters mustsign aThird Party Letter of Agreement (LOA), either the ZU LOA or the company’s LOA. The commercial supporter will be acknowledged in the activity’s materials once the signed LOA has been fully executed. The activity director and all speakers of the activity will be required to complete and return to DCPE a Disclosure of Relationship Form.

  • ZU DCPE must review the budget periodically throughout theplanning stage to ensure that adequate resources have been devoted to thedevelopment of an activity consistent with meeting the activity’s objectives.ZU DCPE will withdraw from an activity if resources are inadequatefor the development of a high quality activity.
  • ZU DCPE must review and approve all materials associated with the activity prior to release. ZU must be clearly recognized as a joint sponsor. The following joint sponsorship statement must appear on all materials:

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and policies of the ZU through the joint sponsorship

  • The responsibilities of the non-accredited sponsor will be clearly enumerated in the Joint Sponsorship Agreement. ZU DCPE will withdraw from any joint sponsorship if the non-accredited sponsor fails to meet its obligation in the agreement or fails to comply with this policy.
  • ZU DCPE holds its jointly sponsored activities to the same standards as activities it directly sponsors with regard to fulfillment of its CME mission, needs assessment, setting of objectives, use of systematic planning processes, evaluation, documentation, the ZU Standards for Commercial Support and enduring materials. The Director of Continuing Professional Education at ZU, whose decision in any dispute is final, will resolve any confusion regarding ZU’ standards.
  • The joint sponsor must follow the policies, procedures and formats as set forth by ZU DCPE.
  • All potential joint sponsorships will be examined on their individual merits.

Although all CPE activities jointly sponsored with ZU DCPE must comply with this policy, ZU DCPE reserves the right to refuse to enter into a joint sponsorship with a non-accredited organization for any reason whatsoever, regardless of that organization’s willingness to comply with this policy.

  • ZU DCPE will charge a fee for its services. This fee and the terms for its payment will be mutually agreed upon in the Joint Sponsorship Agreement described above.
  • All future use of this activity (e.g., derivatives such as tapes, publications, computer programs, etc.) may be distributed only with the prior approval and written consent of ZU Department of Continuing Professional Education.
  • Marketing and/or publicizing of any derivative of this jointly-sponsored activity, including direct mail, fax and/or e-mail notification, telemarketing, etc., may proceed only upon prior approval and written consent of the ZU Department of Continuing Professional Education.
  • The activity must comply with ZU Policy on FullDisclosure.